Government Efficiency and Cooperation

We believe that unbiased, performance-based evaluations of local government programs will show that cooperation between local governments in procurement, staffing and offering services on a regional basis will promote efficiency and benefit taxpayers.  State government can assist such efforts by eliminating roadblocks to local government cooperation and consolidation of services and by providing incentives that promote it.  We support appointment of a state commission to review statutes, the state constitution, government processes and funding formulas that create hurdles to cooperation and consolidation, such as powers of constitutional officers, revenue sharing formulas, township government, and county home rule powers.

  • Consolidate provision of police, fire, assessment, public works, communications, HR, planning & other services
  • Ensure the cooperative implementation of county and local comprehensive plans.  For example, decisions about infrastructure (highways, sewer extensions, etc.) must be coordinated across municipal boundaries.
  • Reorganize and consolidate government units and taxing districts to gain greater efficiency
  • Pass state enabling legislation authorizing local governments, with taxpayer approval, to create cooperative service districts for fire/EMS, mass transit, public works and other purposes
  • Enhance training for local government and school employees in LEAN management and other efficiency tools